Sunday, April 13, 2014

2014 Nevada County Election Season - Preliminary Summary

This year, for the most part, has been a pretty tame elction season here in Nevada County. Let's take a look at the races individually, as they stand thus far.

Superior Court: Based upon my observations, it appears that Anna Ferguson and Robert Tice-Raskin are the frontrunners, and the campaigns have been limited to announcing endorsements with little other activity. Personally, I did not like the endorsements of candidates by sitting judges. I did not like them, not because they are somehow inappropriate, but because one of the candidates works directly with the judges. She is a great person, and I felt bad that that happened to her. No matter how thick your skin, it does hurt your feelings a little when it is somebody with whom you are acquainted. As we say around the house, "no bueno."

Supervisor District Four: I thought that this election was going to be from where the fireworks came, but Hank Weston's opponent has been non-existent. I have seen her once and have only seen two campaign signs. On the other hand, Hank has been very active...frankly far more active than I thought he would be. This race looks to be the boring one.

Supervisor District Three: Both Dan Miller and the incumbent are running very clean campaigns. I did not think that this campaign would get nasty. The incumbent is running on his record, and Miller is running on the proposition that he can provide better representation for Grass Valley. He is endorsed by each city councilperson (a diverse group to be sure), so you gotta think that there must be a problem with the current leadership. They have both been actively walking neighborhoods which is how you win District Three. Aside from some of the incumbent's surrogates muckraking and some yellow journalism, the candidates themselves have been very positive running on their records.

Superintendent of Schools: This race started with a little bang when The Union did an article about a lawsuit in which Paul Haas is involved. The Union likely did not "discover" this lawsuit on their own. Dollars to donuts, they were tipped off by Hermansen's campaign or by a supporter of hers. It is politics, and it happens. I was surprised that in response nobody brought up Hermansen's husband, Jon Byerrum's, pension spiking incident, as it seemed relevant and balanced the cheap shot against Haas. Aside from this little curfuffle, this campaign should be pretty tame.

District Attorney: This one deserves its own article...and will get it. To date, Cliff Newell has a run a clean campaign. His challenger, on the other hand, has been nasty, highly misleading, and downright dishonest. Cliff's opponent is historically a candidate in search of an office with no roots in this community. He spent his career in Los Angeles. He unsuccessfully ran for superior court judge in Monterey County in 2002. Now he is running for District Attorney in a new county, and he is doing it by smearing a good man with a good record. It is fair game to make an incumbent run on his record, but smearing an incumbent personally and dishonestly is not good (no bueno)...but we will get to that later.

So far, so good. Personally, I wish congratulate all of the candidates. Running for office is very taxing and is hardwork. Without candidates, our political system does not work. I commend anyone that is willing to put themselves out there, as it is not for the feint of heart.


  1. Barry do you think that someone who is collecting a full pension from CalPERS for service at a state agency should be taking a full salary to serve in public elected office?

  2. For the record, I do not mind strong campaigning against an incumbent when you are hammering on his record...irrelevant personal attacks completely outside one's record are signs of a weakness. As far as pensions, I am pretty sure state law allows that.

  3. Pretty calm out there in my opinion. People seem to be getting along running for the office rather than trashing wach other. Boring though. LOL. The only person unhappy is Pelline.