Monday, March 24, 2014

Jeff Pelline - Misrepresenting the Facts and Still Grinding his Chamber Axes

Today, Jeff Pelline freaked out that the owner of a building in Grass Valley put up a sign supporting Dan Miller for Supervisor. It is plainly evident (as the nose on my face) that Pelline supports Dan's opponent, in fact I would not be surprised if Pelline were paid to blog for Dan's opponent. It is also a known fact that Pelline has an axe to grind against the Grass Valley Chamber, as Pelline is not allowed to place his food magazine for distribution at the Grass Valley Chamber, because Pelline is not a member of the Chamber. Makes sense to me.

So today Pelline gets a double bonus, as he blasts both the mayor of Grass Valley who is running for supervisor (against the person supported by Pelline) and the Grass Valley Chamber in a single post. That being said, Pelline is again misrepresenting his facts - classic rhetoric.

First, let's get the facts straight. The building in which the Grass Valley Chamber is located is owned by a third-party (I am not entirely sure who owns it, but it is clearly not the Chamber).

Second and in any event, the Grass Valley Chamber rents the first floor of the building from this third-party while the second floor remains vacant and owned by the third-party.

The owner of the building hung a sign from his second floor balcony; a balcony which is completely and utterly unrelated to the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce aside from being on a part of the building that the Chamber does not rent.

Question to Pelline: How is the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce (which resides and rents only on the first floor of a building) taking a position on a local election when the owner of the building places a sign supporting Dan Miller from the second floor of the building he owns and on a floor completely unrelated to the Chamber of Commerce?

Answer: Only in Pelline's warped mind...but if Pelline is looking to confuse people into believing that the Chamber of Commerce is supporting a candidate in an effort to grind his axe against both the Chamber and Miller...then it makes complete sense.


  1. Speaking of obsession and doing a search on Pelline's website, he has about 250 posts that include my name. Two hundred and fifty posts in less than five years. On average once a week, I am blessed to be in Pelline's scribblings and this does not count the comment section of his blog where he usually freaks out about my activities. He has more blog posts with my name in them than I have total posts on this blog. Question: Who is obsessed with whom?

    Hopefully some day, he will give up this obsession.

  2. Barry, you are in his head 24/7 as am I. It is simply funny. I would not take him seriously since all the folks I talk too can't stand the man. He is an island here and he is simply trying to gain readership with his attacks. So no worries, I doubt he could sway one vote here.

  3. 250 is mind boggling though. Think about that. McClintock had over 400 and Ackerman had over 100. I am a private citizen and came in second to a Congressman. Obsession does not even come close to defining it. Crazy comes to mind. I wonder if my picture is in his house somewhere?

  4. And coming in all at less than 120 posts on Pelline's blog...Congressman LaMalfa, Dan Miller, Beason, and even the great Todd Juvinall!

  5. 250! TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY! It is actually scary. In all seriousness, we are all vastly behind in numbers when compared to the number of times Pelline refers to himself.

  6. The Union did an article on "It's Miller Time!" The article was great and simply demonstrates the strong and wide support for Dan Miller.

    Why does Pelline not discuss the appearance of a quid pro quo in connection with Dan's opponent. The Union points out that Dan's opponent received $5000 from a developer right around the same time he voted to approve the project. She is also walking neighborhoods with him. It appears bad, but it is never brought up on Pelline's blog...which again leads to the question as to whether he is being paid to blog for Dan's opponent? It certainly seems that way.

  7. It also appears that Pelline has been consulting and giving advice to Weston's opponent. Does this sound like an unbiased journalist or a political consultant blogging for his favored candidates? Pretty clear to me.

  8. Really Barry, you don't understand why Jeff would refer to you so many times?

    I think it is pretty clear that since Mr. Pelline left The Union you, and a coterie of bloggers in the community including George, Russ and Todd, along with the annoyingly anonymous trio of subalterns who post there, have been gunning to discredit and isolate Mr. Pelline.

    The answer is simple, he posts about you because you post about him, according to his account 6% of all posts on your blog compared to the 2% on his.

    (I am trying not to picture the two of you over your respective laptops at night counting all of the posts while your wives extoll you to turn the computer off and come to bed because you have to work tomorrow.)

    I find myself wondering what is it about Jeff's perspective that bothers others in the blogosphere so much? Is it that he is iconoclastic, calls it as he sees it, and is not afraid to take a stand when he sees what he perceives to be a wrong and tries to shed light on it? Isn't that exactly what you, George, Russ and Todd are trying to do?

    What is it about anonymity and blogging that turns otherwise rational actors into attack dogs?

    Recently an entire 92 post thread on Mr. Juvinall's blog was dedicated to ridiculing Mr. Pelline's physical appearance, credentials, and narrative style. This pattern has been repeated at every blogging site that makes up what I call the 'circle of stupid' in western Nevada county.

    As I think you know I am a Cubs fan, which means an entire psyche of standing up for the underdog has been bred into me from the streets of the north side of Chicago, so when I see a man being viscously attacked by a mob I pick the man. I disagree with Jeff on a lot of things, not the least of which is his on-going feud with The Union, which is simply counter-productive to his case, but in a street fight, which seems to be what western Nevada County is, I pick the man.

    I call it the 'circle of stupid' because there are actually a number of rich and interesting conversations about community and national issues that could be facilitated by these blogs but EVERY outlet in the western County (except Don's) seems to regularly fall into a pattern of ridicule, name calling, false claims and threats.

    I find much of what you talk about here interesting, but hesitate to post because I know it is nothing but a time sink to try to actually make a cogent point. I am increasingly preferring to have these conversations over a cup of coffee, which we are long overdue for. I think the tone of these blogs turns off the most interesting voices in the community and the blogs have long since outworn their value.

    But, I was recently threatened with law suits by at least two bloggers in western Nevada County, at the same time that the very same bloggers take umbrage at perceived threats to free speech. So, like the fighter for the underdog I like to be, I will call the 'circle of stupid' on its behavior when I see it, because I refuse to bow to bullies.

    Jeff is doing exactly the same thing.

  9. Now we see why Truckee residents shop in Reno. TheFrisch calls people here in the western end of the county denigrating names then cries when he is called on his slander of them. I would suggest the reason Pelline gets a dose of the medicine he dishes out is really simple. When you come to town and start ripping everyone to shreds (he apparently has a degree in rhetoric) you must be mature enough there will be blowback. TheFrisch criticizes people as "stupid" but none of them seem to have failed to pay their employees taxes to the government in the tune of $250,000. Or all the liens against him from local, state and federal agencies. Is that "stupid"? Or is that a planned development. And he is running a "business" organization! Amazing!

    The Frisch can come over here any time and comment and we allow it on our blogs even though he was a scofflaw on his responsibilities regarding taxes. Usually his criticisms are simply an d attempt by him to put his nose further up the butt of Pelline.

    Pelline has decided to take sides here and ever since he arrived he has practiced his favoritism. The latest is the made up from whole cloth about the "Miller Time" signs. Barry has simply pointed out that favoritism and now Pelline denies it with some rhetorical doublespeak that Orwell would recognize in an instant. To defend Pelline's abuse of the language and his actions as some sport of "underdog" who needs Frisch's support shows how far from reality the noggin of Frisch is.

    Free speech by those that use the "Miller Time" signs should be a non starter with a "so called" journalist like Pelline. But as we see it isn't. If Frisch wants to defend someone or something, I would say he needs to support free speech and deny the hoax of global warming. But it is not happening is it?

    I wish all who are running for public office good luck. It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there for the world to see and criticize. Locally the Pelline does not have a clue about being a fair and balanced person and in attacking the property owner who is exerciser his free speech rights we now understand him as we may have not before.

  10. Good morning Steve. As a Cubs fan, I completely understand your point, and I see it exactly the same way but through a different lense ground by different experiences. Pelline grinds his axes through intimidation and bullying against anyone that dares to stand up to him. Like you growing up in Chicago (albeit on the south side and I still cannot stand the White Sox), I do not like to see my friends in this community being bullied and intimidated by anyone, and I gladly take up the mantle of defending my friends against a bully...much the same as my younger daughter does at her school. She learned it from her parents and is encouraged to stand up to bullies on behalf of others.

    Pelline has been discussed here 13 times while he has 250 posts with my name in them. I do not care, as I cannot stand idly by and watch someone bully my friends. Sure there are legitimate questions, but legitimate questions turn to obsession ocassionally. Case and point, I raised a question about 501(c)(3) advocating for people to vote against a ballot time. Raising the issue one time is legit, raising the issue 250 is bullying and standing up to a bully is the right thing to do.

    GO CUBS!

  11. By a number of accounts, Pelline was a bully at The Union, and "universally despised" according to one reliable source. Jeff is hardly 'iconoclastic', as he leaves the sacred cows of his (and Frisch's) beloved Frisco-brand politics intact. Skewering ones political foes only is not the mark of an iconoclast.

    I recall Jeff even promoting himself as non-partisan because he didn't register to vote as a member of a party... as if that does anything besides position a very small fig leaf to try to hide what is there for all to see.


  12. "But, I was recently threatened with law suits by at least two bloggers in western Nevada County" - Frisch

    Libel isn't protected speech.


  13. Let's not get out of hand. Keep it on topic please. Thanks guys.

  14. Barry, I think the time and place I would have stepped in had I been the blog administrator is the point at which Todd attacked me both personally and inaccurately above.

    It is indeed true that libel is not protected speech, so if Greg or Todd believes they can prove libel they should sue me and see what happens. Instead they threaten to sue me and use the threat to attempt to reduce my voice.

    Of course as a Cubs fan I cannot let that go! Besides, I have always wanted to own a home in western Nevada county. Nice to get down out of the snow sometime.

    Greg and Todd, you think you have a case? Bring it On. Otherwise, in the frenetic abbreviated slang of the modern age, ST#U.

  15. Ok. Point counterpoint. Steve - call me next time you are down here.

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  17. Listen. Steve said something without naming names. Then we had three responses. Comments shut down after one week. This one is done.

  18. If I could "park" this comment I just wrote on Pelline's June 18th blog post a couple of minutes ago I would be most appreciative. He has a tendency to "edit" my comments if he thinks he will look bad. Just wanted to be able to document what I actually wrote. Let's see what he does to it! Thanks! Nancy Peirce

    Thanks for noting my past participation on your blog and recent attendance at our County school board meetings. I have attended four COE meetings to date in addition to the last two board meetings in my district and hope to attend many more of both in the future.

    As a former public school teacher, parent, and taxpayer I’m very concerned with the state of our schools and believe participation is the best way to stay informed and help direct change should it be needed. I encourage ALL voices to be heard at the table as we continue to determine the future of our local public school system.

    In addition, if I may, I would like to make a couple of corrections to your post. First, the correct spelling of my last name is Peirce. Second I am not, nor have I ever been a member of the “hard right”! As I have stated on your blog in the past, I am, and have been since 1978, a registered Libertarian. Yes, with the capital L. I have manned the Libertarian booth at the fair and attended many local Libertarian party meetings. Just as you would feel mis-characterized if I referred to you as someone on the “hard right”, so do I.

    Thank you for allowing me to participate in the discussion on your blog.

    Nancy Peirce