Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Nevada County Elections Office Has Gone COVID Crazy

Today, The Union reported on the "altercation" at the Nevada County Elections office on January 20, 2022. To summarize the article, the proponents of a recall of our five county supervisors allegedly forced their way into the election office when confronted with the new election office mask mandate.  Below is the reaction (from January 19, 2022) of the politician who is currently running to be the head of our county election department when the recall proponents entered the election office. Her reaction is not entirely professional given the demeanor of the proponents and the fact that the sheriff's office did nothing for reasons to be discussed below.  

In a glaring omission, what the article wholly fails to mention is that the proponents want to recall the supervisors related to the county's COVID policies about which the paper has previously reported here and here.  All of these people are actually fighting about COVID mandates. Given the facts as presented to us by the CDC over the past two years, these COVID mandates are getting a little out of hand, and folks are arguably tired of COVID policies which have lost almost all support.

I spoke with a law enforcement individual today, and his response was that, clearly, the reaction by this politician was not her finest moment and that she clearly could use some additional skills in dealing with people.  I am informed that, in a private setting and if asked to leave an establishment, an individual can be cited for trespass.  This policy makes sense, as individual businesses choose whom they serve, as is their right.  On the other hand, law enforcement does not have the ability to enforce a mask mandate in a public building to which constituents have a right to enter.  This axiom is especially true for an election office which must transparently, and without bias, conduct this recall whether the government disagrees with the proponents or not.  There was also some discussion of the politicians politicizing COVID and politicizing the election office.  

It is understandable that folks are getting tired of these dictatorial mandates. First, the CDC told us not wear a mask (even an N-95), because they are not effective in preventing the spread of COVID.  Then, they told us to wear three masks.  Then Fauci told everyone that, if you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask.  Now, we are back to mask mandates despite the vast majority of people being vaccinated or having had COVID.  Based upon these instructions and countless other misguided instructions over the past two years, we all have whiplash and, consequently, trust the government a lot less.

Let's review what we have learned during and from COVID.  The COVID vaccines, which California intends to mandate all children to be vaccinated for school, do not stop the spread of COVID.  We do not need the CDC to tell anyone this simple fact, as we have eyes.  Many of our friends and neighbors, both unvaccinated and triple boosted, are coming down with COVID.  The fact of the matter is COVID is here to stay regardless of your mask mandate or your vaccine mandate.  After two years, it is high time to start living with it.

Such sentiment brings us back to the election office.  These politicians have a balancing act for sure.  They must balance their duty as public servants but also protect their potentially vulnerable staff.  I would bet my house that both politicians in our election office and most of the staff are vaccinated, so why freak out?  Politics.  One politician is running for office and the other is trying desperately to get his heir-apparent elected, so create a scene and get some free press (i.e., politicize the election office) and demonize your own constituents.  Some heavy-handed politics, for sure.  In addition, and during the middle of our local election season, the politician in the video above admits that her boss (the head of our election office) was "out of the country" on Thursday.  If these two politicians are so concerned about their staff getting COVID and so concerned about the public, I would think that they would be responsible enough to not get on an airplane and travel abroad before potentially bringing back COVID to their office and infecting the entire staff before the busiest time of their public service - the 2022 primary election.  In fact, this type of hypocrisy is what is really frosting a lot of folks and driving them to resist these hypocritical government mandates.

Here is a news flash to Nevada County...we are all going to get COVID, and the arbitrary mandates are not going to stop that commonsense realization.

These dictatorial mandates are simply getting old and tiresome, and they clearly do not work.  It is commonsense.  Simply listen to the ever-changing guidance from the CDC over the past two years.  Listen to the scientific debates going on in the real-scientific world and not what Pfizer is telling you.  We are in a new normal, so it is high time to stop the crazy and get back to living and breathing and working.  It is also time for our local election office to get back to work and stop the nonesense.


  1. I commented on The Union's article with this video. The Union deleted it. Lol. Censorship at its finest.

  2. Video evidence kinda shows....um, reality n stuffs.

  3. Appreciate the video evidence of the facts. Politicians love to play psych games of which we all need to be wary. Unfortunately our The Union does not appear to be learning & is providing clearly partisan reporting instead of true journalism. All such a big bore with no ethics, where apparently the end justifies the means .,. This is why our country’s founders chose to form a Republic, NOT A DEMOCRACY, which they called a “mobocracy,” where the biggest cheating bully wins. That was my only fault with your writing ... we’re are a Constitutionsl Republic & absolutely must reject this false notion that the USA is a democracy.

    1. Thanks Sue! Please subscribe and share. I am going to be writing a lot more and getting a lot more active.

  4. Great work Barry! I believe it shows how incompetent and truly scared people working for the government are. Some can feel the true Law, and know what they are doing is wrong. While others are so institutionalized they are offended when you follow the Law as intended. The people have a moral duty to oversee and participate in it. Another point of view should not create anger or fear. Disagreement and debate makes us better in my humble opinion. I've often changed my mind thru speaking to those I disagree with.

  5. Why aren't you showing the full encounter? Why is it so hard for some to just be respectful? None of us enjoy masks but we wear them to protect those in our society, our neighbors who might not survive this virus. It's not just about dying either. I know several people who've been hurt financially as well as having their health affected. If all I have to do is wear a mask for a few minutes when I'm in a public place... It's such a simple thing one can do to try and keep themselves from unknowingly infecting someone else. So Barry, what's the big deal? I don't get it.

  6. Why not show the rest of the video? Including the interaction before and during the police presence.