Thursday, May 12, 2022

Nevada County Election Office Ballot Fiasco - Email to Us Any Issues with Your Ballots for Us to Investigate and Document

Another election and more random ballots flying around.  As many of you know, my mother-in-law has Alzheimer's disease and has been getting progressively worse over time.  Most of you have met her and have seen her bright, joyous smile and have experienced the often time randomness of her thoughts and her confusion related to the most mundane items.

Before she got really bad, she lived on Annex Avenue in Grass Valley but has not lived there since 2016.  From Annex Avenue, she moved to live in Penn Valley with us.  In June 2020, she moved to a facility and then came back to live with us again in December 2020.  We definitely received her ballot for the presidential primary in April 2020, and I am pretty sure that she voted.  By the time the presidential election rolled around in November of 2020, she could not use a remote for a TV and could no longer even answer the telephone, as she could not figure out which buttons to push.  Consequently, and despite receiving a ballot at our residence in Penn Valley, she did not vote in the 2020 presidential election.  During the recall in the fall of 2021, her ballot never came to our house.  Last week, my wife got a text that my mother-in-law's ballot for this cycle was in the mail.  So, we went online to find out where it was going because it never arrived last time.

According to records from the Nevada County Election Office, my mother-in-law's ballot was mailed to her old Annex address.  She has not lived there for at least five years.  After she moved from Annex, her ballots were coming to our house in Penn Valley, but now the ballots are going back to Annex.  The Nevada County Election Office states (and provided documents) that my elderly mother-in-law, who cannot use a remote control or a landline telephone, re-registered online or through the DMV on May 16, 2021.  Well, May 16, 2021, was a Sunday, and my mother-in-law had no interaction with DMV until October of 2021 when my wife took her to renew her identification.  There is absolutely no way that she could have registered online.  By May of 2021, she could not remember her middle name and was driving me crazy every time the TV would turn off, because she watched too many episodes of Law and Order SVU and could not figure out how to turn it back on.

In conclusion, the Nevada County Election Office has no idea where many of these ballots are going and who will be receiving them.  Clearly, the voter registration system is broken.  We need your help.

If you have any issues or know of any issues related to the mailing and receipt of ballots, please email me at, so that we can investigate in an effort to resolve these issues.  It is absolutely ridiculous that this type of incompetence is happening in our county and in our state.  We can fix these problems together, and I look forward to speaking with you.


  1. the question for me is how come you haven't gone to the elections office with said person, and ask to see the signature card?

    this would answer all the questions.

  2. I did and have the cards. Created the questions above.


  4. My wife and I watched it. We were not moved.