Thursday, August 26, 2010

Intimidation and Retaliation Tactics - the FUE way

After the 2008 Election, it appears that the FUE (before he became the FUE) was really mad that he was not invited to the election event at the Foundry and threw a colossal temper tantrum. I had never seen this article before this morning, but it explains a lot of what I have seen since I became aware of his existence.

Pelline apparently sent threatening emails to Gretchen Bond, the Foundry Director. When Bond was contacted by The Messenger, she declined to comment on the e-mails she received from Pelline. "I can't do this on the record," she said. Asked if it was true she received abusive and threatening e-mails from Pelline, Bond replied, "No comment."

"Several sources described the e-mails from Pelline to Bond as 'threatening' and said Pelline had promised that not a further word of ink about the Foundry would appear in print if the paper was not allowed to participate in the election night event."

"Intimidation and retaliation tactics have long been one of the paper's, and Pelline's, main ways of dealing with dissent in the community. One reader commented to Pelline about the paper's absolute absence of critical editing. Pelline contacted one of that reader's clients and tried to get him fired."

The rest of the article is here.

This is the same guy who lashes out at everyone else who does not share his opinions. This is the same guy that had received more complaints at the Union than anyone knew about. Shocking...I know. I am sure these tactics were not appreciated by The Union. The more I read about this guy, the more sense it all seems to make.

Exit Question: How can this community grow together with a bomb thrower like Pelline still running around here?

Editor's Note:  Just so that readers have a time reference, this incident with the Miner's Foundry occurred about two months before Jeff Pelline was let go from The Union.

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