Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pot Shots from the Local Left

"Nevada County Connected’s project, although we went through a thorough (and grueling) 7-week vetting during due diligence, was in the end not a recipient of ARRA funds. Although we don’t know for certain, the funding of the Central Valley Next-Generation Broadband Infrastructure Project’s ("CVNGBIP") 18-county fiber-optic middle-mile project, which passes through Nevada County, was probably the key reason. It would appear that the two middle-mile projects overlapped geographically, when in reality Nevada County Connected was the natural extension of the bandwidth the CVNGBIP project will drop here." So says Nevada County Connected ("NCC").

But instead of highlighting why NCC feels they did not receive ARRA funds, our local left-wing blogger and FUE, Jeff Pelline, in typical and predictable fashion, decided it was a good time to take a poorly aimed shot at Tom McClintock who supported the NCC. Because our Congressman supported it and NCC did not get the ARRA funds, the FUE goes on to conclude that it was the Congressman's fault despite the fact that NCC's speculation is the opposite.

In order to give you full disclosure, guess who else supported the project - Barbara Boxer! Where is the faux outrage? We won't be seeing any, because as always, there is a double standard with the liberal FUE!

NCC is supported a three-term Senator from California who sits on the Senate Committee for Commerce and a freshman Congressman, yet NCC did not receive the funding. What seems more plausible...NCC's explanation or the FUE's?

Me thinks that the FUE doth spin too much...

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