Monday, March 24, 2014

Jeff Pelline - Misrepresenting the Facts and Still Grinding his Chamber Axes

Today, Jeff Pelline freaked out that the owner of a building in Grass Valley put up a sign supporting Dan Miller for Supervisor. It is plainly evident (as the nose on my face) that Pelline supports Dan's opponent, in fact I would not be surprised if Pelline were paid to blog for Dan's opponent. It is also a known fact that Pelline has an axe to grind against the Grass Valley Chamber, as Pelline is not allowed to place his food magazine for distribution at the Grass Valley Chamber, because Pelline is not a member of the Chamber. Makes sense to me.

So today Pelline gets a double bonus, as he blasts both the mayor of Grass Valley who is running for supervisor (against the person supported by Pelline) and the Grass Valley Chamber in a single post. That being said, Pelline is again misrepresenting his facts - classic rhetoric.

First, let's get the facts straight. The building in which the Grass Valley Chamber is located is owned by a third-party (I am not entirely sure who owns it, but it is clearly not the Chamber).

Second and in any event, the Grass Valley Chamber rents the first floor of the building from this third-party while the second floor remains vacant and owned by the third-party.

The owner of the building hung a sign from his second floor balcony; a balcony which is completely and utterly unrelated to the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce aside from being on a part of the building that the Chamber does not rent.

Question to Pelline: How is the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce (which resides and rents only on the first floor of a building) taking a position on a local election when the owner of the building places a sign supporting Dan Miller from the second floor of the building he owns and on a floor completely unrelated to the Chamber of Commerce?

Answer: Only in Pelline's warped mind...but if Pelline is looking to confuse people into believing that the Chamber of Commerce is supporting a candidate in an effort to grind his axe against both the Chamber and Miller...then it makes complete sense.

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