Saturday, November 3, 2018

Illegal Immigration Creates Pain and Suffering for both American Citizens and Citizens of Nations to Our South

A friend of mine asked yesterday why our government does not prosecute some crimes with the same ferocity as illegal drugs and illegal immigration.  I suppose, while most white collar crimes definitely hurt others financially, illegal drugs and illegal immigration cause human pain and suffering.  As far as illegal drugs, we see that in our local community daily.  Meth and opioid abuse are rampant in our local community and in California overall.  Whether it is the user or the collateral damage the user causes to those close to them, meth and opioid abuse create human pain and suffering.  The question got me thinking about illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration creates pain and suffering as well but not in the way progressives will have us believe.  Along with decent folks that are attempting to illegally cross our border to obtain a better life for their families, there is also illegally coming into our country MS-13 and illicit drugs which perpetuate our local drug problems.  These illegal drugs and gang members likely end up in communities filled with legal residents and with legal immigrants thereby bring the violence which these legal immigrants were trying to escape to their front door.

Because of our antiquated immigration laws, decent folks pay smugglers to get them into the country.  As a result of the smuggling, occasionally these decent people die in hot trucks, girls are encouraged to take birth control during the journey as the likelihood of being raped is high, and human trafficking becomes a greater risk.

We need a two-step process to solve this issue and reduce human pain and suffering.  First, we need to modernize and streamline our antiquated immigration laws in order to create an efficient path for folks who want to become legal residents or American citizens.  Our country is that beautiful melting pot of ethnic diversity and is a great country in part because of immigration.  Personally, I love watching the citizenship ceremony during which foreign nationals embrace our culture and our Constitution and become one of us - an American.  Legal immigration is beautiful and should be encouraged, but at the same time, it should be regulated for the benefit of our citizens.  In the end, our citizens, both natural-born and naturalized, should be our first priority.

Second, we need a strong border.  A strong border decreases human pain and suffering by lessening the illegal entry into our country of gang members and illicit drugs thus benefiting our citizens and residents.  A strong border combined with a modernized immigration policy decreases human pain and suffering by providing a better entry process as opposed to human trafficking and smuggling.  Women should not have to risk rape to become an American citizen.  The combination of a strong border and modernized immigration laws is compassionate to all parties.

Those people that support a border wall with no modernized and streamlined immigration law and those people that support open borders and granting citizenship to illegal immigrants don't really care about the people to our south.  The former group of people fails to understand the positive effects that immigration has had on our country and fails to be compassionate to the plight of our fellow man.  Dare I say, racist.  The latter group of people is more insidious in that they simply don't want to really solve any problems and desire to perpetuate the pain and suffering for political gain at the expense of our citizens, our legal residents, those seeking to become Americans, and foreign nationals to our south.  Granting citizenship without securing our border incentivizes illegal entry into our country.  An open border allows gang members and illicit drugs to freely flow into our country thereby causing pain and suffering in our communities.  This pain and suffering created by unfettered illegal immigration are experienced by our citizens and residents who actually came here to get away from such things.

This free flow of illegal drugs and gang members also generates revenue for the drug cartels to our south thereby perpetuating the pain and suffering experienced by those citizens and increasing the likelihood of their desire to immigrate so that they can make a better life for their families.  I would think that most people would rather live and raise their family in a safe home surrounded by their kinfolk as opposed to risking life and limb to illegally enter the USA to escape violence in part caused by our border policy.  An open border actually hurts these local communities to our south by allowing and perpetuating a market for drug cartels and gang members.

In my opinion, those who don't support both a strong border wall with modernized and streamlined immigration law are the ones who lack compassion. They don't really care about the plight of these people, and the expressions of compassion are political.  They are using these people as pawns in a political game, and it's disgusting. People are dying both in the USA and in the countries to our south as a direct result of progressives failing to support a border wall under any circumstances.  Their hatred of President Donald J. Trump outweighs their desire to really decrease human pain and suffering.

It is time to compassionately deal with this issue once and for all and decrease human pain and suffering.  We must modernize and streamline our immigration laws.  It should not take years to immigrate.  Further, we need to secure the border for the benefit of our citizens as well as for the benefit of the citizens of nations to our south.  It is the compassionate thing to do.

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