Friday, May 20, 2022

Adona Violates Fair Political Practices Act by Failing to File Timely Reports

For the 2022 primary election and between March 9 and June 7, candidates are required to file FPPC Form 497 with the Nevada County Election when the candidate receives $1,000 or more from any one source and must do so within 24 hours of receipt. On February 27, 2022, Adona received $1,000 from Nelson Minar, a well-known local partisan woke progressive Democrat.  Adona failed to report until April 28, 2022 - two months later. Natalie Adona, who we are told has the requisite experience to administer the election office, failed to file this required form.  This failure is in addition to using Nevada County residents' taxpayer money to pay for her political advertisements in The Union.

The truth of the matter which we have demonstrated herein repeatedly is that Adona does not have the experience that she pretends too.  It is all a lie and disinformation designed to win an election.  Don't be fooled by this DC partisan insider trying to come to Nevada County and run our elections.  We don't need DC politics in Nevada County.

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  1. It's super inconvenient to file FPPC forms in a timely manner, especially when you work in the office!!!