Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The Long Lines to Vote in Nevada County Today Are by Design

California's crazy election laws, and the County's liberal implementation of them, were enacted with the specific intent of decreasing the turnout of election day Republican voters and increasing the turnout of Democrats.  It is no accident.  The lines in Nevada County are no accident as well.  I do apologize to my liberal friends in advance, as what I am about to write will be highly critical of you and your laissez-faire attitude towards "democracy."  The fact is Republicans take voting very seriously and will actually go to the polls on election day to ensure the security of their own vote no matter what while most Democrats will be lazy and mail their ballots in and trust someone else with their "democracy."  

Voting is very serious business for a free people.  It is foundation of our entire constitutional system, and these crazy "mail in your vote laws" are an insult to a free people.  I am going to list some issues that the media tells you never happens, but you have already seen or heard with your own eyes and with your own ears.  Random ballots coming to your house for people who have not lived there for two or three election cycles.  Ballots showing up for one election and then mysteriously they stop being mailed.  Boxes of uncounted ballots showing up in post office months or years after an election.  Complete and utter lack of any ability whatsoever to maintain chain of custody of any ballot.  Our election system is simply ridiculous and unacceptable for a free people.

I am just like you.  I want to know beyond a shred of a doubt that my voice was heard in an election. If my ballot was not counted for some reason, I would be mad as hell.  We do not mail ballots.  Our ballots are our only key to our democracy, and our votes are sacred and paid for by millions of Americans who died protecting this sacred right.  We refuse to cheapen this right and desecrate their memory by letting our ballots get out of our control.  Mailing your vote in is just plain lazy and disrespects our democracy.  That said, I must admit that, in the past, I was lazy with my democracy and mailed my ballot in.  I was wrong and was not taking democracy seriously.  Knowing what I know now, those days are over.  We need to wake up, or we will no longer have a democracy with such an insane system.

If you trust these crazy "mail in your vote laws," you likely need to read a book.  Humans are not angels.  If they were, we would not need any laws at all.  People will break rules to get what they want.  It is a fact of life and human nature.  Our election system does not take this into account at all.  We need single day voting and complete chain of custody of not just the voted ballots, but also for the unvoted ballots and spoiled ballots.  For instance, we printed 100,000 ballots.  Of those 100,000 ballots, 70,000 were voted, 10,000 were spoiled, and there are 20,000 left over.  In this stupid California system, ballots are just thrown to the wind for a month and printed all willy-nilly.  California has no idea who is casting any of these ballots.  Sure, they can match the ballot with a voter, but our "election professionals" have absolutely no proof that such voter cast a ballot when doing so by mail.  None.  

And this is why Republicans vote on game day.  The fact is Republicans, in general, are simply more serious than Democrats.  Sexualizing children in school is serious business and must be addressed.  Avoiding World War III is serious business.  Being able to afford feeding your family is serious business.  Elections are serious business.  Democrats are simply not a serious people, and this crazy election system created by Democrats is a prime example.  A vast majority of Republicans will vote in person.  If they receive a ballot by mail, they will not let anyone touch their ballot and will personally deliver it to the election office or to a vote center.  Our local system, and the long lines on election day, is designed specifically to create difficulties for Republican voters in order to drive down Republican turnout, and it is unacceptable.  That said, don't be discouraged.  Stay in line.  Getter done brothers and sisters!  Getter done, and we will turn this franchise around!

Editor's Note:  Solution?  Make election day a three-day weekend, national holiday and everyone has to go to the polls!

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