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Diaz (quietly) admits his reading of election code was wrong - George Boardman [updated January 21,2013]

UPDATE: Dutifully, our local leftwing blogger comes to the defense of his dearest friend. Jeff Pelline points out that Diaz does have an excuse for his mistake. Pelline and Diaz point out that defending Diaz's wrongful interpretation of the law will cost taxpayers unnecessary dollars in legal fees. First, spending taxpayers' dollars (to the tune of nearly $3 million) did not cross either of their minds in 2010-2011 during the AtPac lawsuit. Second, I challenge both Pelline and Diaz to point to a single county in the great state of California that shares their wrongful interpretation of the election law. In response to this challenge, we will hear crickets from the peanut gallery, because that single county does not exist. The take away here is that Diaz was wrong and spinning the story (again) and Pelline is dutifully defending his favorite elected official with flowering rhetoric (again).

"County Clerk Recorder Gregory Diaz, who likes to issue mind-numbing press releases that promote the competence of his office, has quietly admitted that his novel interpretation of a section of the election code was wrong."

"Diaz sent a certified letter to Patricia Smith, chair of Americans for Safe Access Nevada County, conceding he was wrong when he told the group it needed 9,923 valid signatures instead of 9,131 to qualify a medical marijuana initiative for the ballot."

"The information was buried in a press release from ASA-NC announcing its first meeting of the new year. “Now that we have excluded the over and under votes to calculate the number of signatures we needed, I am certain our initiative will pass,” Smith said in the press release."

The rest of the article is here.

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