Monday, February 3, 2014

Dan Miller for Supervisor - Kick-Off Fundraiser

Last week, we attended the kick-off fundraiser for Dan Miller who is running for District III Supervisor. When we walked into Club 151 in downtown Grass Valley, we were completely shocked how many people were in attendance. By my amateur estimate, it appeared to be no less than 100 people - the place was packed.

The best part was seeing the political diversity of the crowd gathered in support of Dan Miller. The list is below:

From left to right: Anita Daniels, Jan Arbuckle,
Lisa Swarthout, and Mike Bratton

Nevada County Supervisors - Nate Beason and Ed Scofield

Grass Valley City Council - Lisa Swarthout, Jan Arbuckle, Jason Fouyer, and Howard Levine

Community Leaders - Anita and Don Daniels, Mike Bratton, Patti and John Spencer, Kathy and Gil Mathew

Peggy and Howard Levine
It was a wonderful political event full of friends and laughter and with the absence of the blind partisanship to which we are all unfortunately well accustomed. To be sure, the attendees demonstrate a wide diversity of political thought on a national level, but what is plainly evident is that, in these non-partisan races for local office, diversity of thought on a national-level is irrelevant.

What is relevant is that the local community is united in the best interests of the local community. Right now the local community is united around Dan Miller to be the next supervisor from District III.

Events like this fundraiser are a testament to a local community that refreshingly puts community first and blind partisanship second.

Thank you for being a uniter, Dan.

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