Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nevada County Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Council - 15th Annual Redlight Ball

Last night and at the Nevada County fairgrounds, the Nevada County Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Council ("NCLEFPC") hosted the 15th Annual Redlight Ball.  The Red Light Ball is a fund-raiser for the  NCLEFPC, a non-profit organization.  This important non-profit plays a key role in supporting the work of the county’s public safety organizations especially the police and firefighters upon whom we depend to protect our families, homes and businesses.  Money from the Red Light Ball goes to help these organizations buy equipment that’s not covered by their normal department budgets. Since its creation, NCLEFPC has genrously donated over $650,000 in support of local law enforcement.

This amazingly fun event is always a sell out featuring dinner, dancing to Rocky and the Revellettes as well as the presentation of the annual Public Safety Commitment Award. The 2014 award was presented to Tony Clarabout who has been a California fire fighter for over 40 years.

Last night was no different with over 400 people in attendance.  Being an election year, the Red Light Ball is a must for candidates, so when candidates or elected officials are not in attendance it is noteworthy. 

Only two candidates for superior court judge attended - Anna Ferguson and Robert Tice-Raskin. 

Only two candidates for supervisor attended - Hank Weston (District 4)  and Dan Miller (District 3).  Frankly, I was surprised by this occurrence.  If you are a supervisor or are running for supervisor, my personal opinion is that this event is compulsory. The community gathers once a year in support of our public safety servants, and as a supervisor, you better support them.  Okay...I am off my soapbox.

Both candidates for district attorney attended - Cliff Newell and his challenger.  As stated previously, we are supporting Cliff.  Cliff is a great guy and has done a very fine job prosecuting criminals during his tenure.  A change to someone with less experience simply is not warranted.

As I said,  the Red Light Ball was a blast, and I urge you all to attend next year.  In my humble opinion, it is the most enjoyable local event of the year!  Thank you to the NCLEFPC for all of your charitable work!  See you next year!

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