Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jeff Pelline - Middle of the Road Journalist?

Today, Jeff Pelline, our local leftwing blogger (although he professes to be "middle of the road"), posted a so-called "scorecard" on our Congressman McClintock from "themiddleclass.org" website. Pelline's post is here.

The website "themiddleclass.org" is a project of a leftist organization called the Drum Major Institute ("DMI"). The bills on their list include Obamacare, the failed Stimulus Bill, Cap-and-Trade, and amnesty for illegal aliens, which DMI supports and an overwhelming majority of Americans (including Congressman McClintock) opposes.

Any self-respecting and self-described "middle of the road" journalist would have done a little more research on this group and certainly would not have portrayed falsely that DMI actually speaks for the middle class.

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